You’re ready to make some big changes. Maybe you’ve set your sights on a radical body transformation, such as getting leaner, stronger or building muscle. Or perheas you signed up for a Spartan Race, but have no idea how to train for it or what to expect. You’re motivated, but realize you need guidance. Remarkable results require expert guidance that can only come from extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge

Your time and resources are valuable. Using them wisely means investing in training that is results-driven. What is results-driven training? It’s seeing clear and measurable results from your efforts. Results are the only way to gauge if you are on the right track in achieving that goal.

For over 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching motivated clients to successfully achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives. I am fortunate to work with with driven, success-oriented individuals who know that optimal results require effort and commitment on their part. In exchange, clients receive 100% of my attention, care, and personal service along the way.

If I’m describing you, then please read on to learn about our services and programs, or simply get in touch to find out more. Ready for some big changes and up for the challenge? Great. Because we have work to do. 🙂



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Marc Keen, ACSM CPT

Owner/Lead Trainer


Marc holds a BS degree from Penn State University and is a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine with over 20 years experience as a fitness coach. He is the author of “Eat Your Way Back to Health” and also writes articles on fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle hacks.

A lifelong athlete and former soccer player, Marc has been a CrossFit masters athlete since 2011 and was a top 1% finisher in the 2012 Spartan Race in Malibu, CA. Using his unique training method and tips learned from this success, he created the “Spartan Training Series”, which is endorsed and supported by both Reebok Japan and Spartan Race, Inc. In addition to traditional personal training, Spartan training is becoming an ever more popular option in Japan since its debut in May 2017.

Formerly a visual effects artist in the Hollywood film industry, Marc decided to switch gears by bringing his knowledge and passion for functional fitness to the East and create his Tokyo-based business, Balance Fitness. When not creating superheros, he enjoys his own workouts, digital imaging and design, writing, film, and quiet cafes with wifi 🙂



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